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 Often when I pick up my camera, it becomes a portal to reveal the magic in our world - a fantastic black box that captures not only the seen the but unseen.  My photographs, hopefully will allow you see what I see and what your mind would like to see!   The view my cameras capture and what my mind sees are different. I’ve grown up seeing the world through the lenses and trying to capture my mind's pictures. I now know my mind's view is constantly at a higher frequency, expanded by my third eye.   

Now at last I can use my photography to show what my mind sees, and I hope that my viewer sees beyond the two dimensional image in front of them. I want to enable you to see things differently,  and use my images to enter higher frequencies, using the spirituality in the image to lift you up or  help in your meditation of the goodness in our world and  lives. ll photographs, as is life, is a capture of light and dark, and all objects are just a mixture of that light and dark.  If we could look all  through a Divine camera we would all see  the spirituality and we can train our mind to see with our third eye.

I am now trying to make photographs that help calm our lives, and if only for a brief moment, take you away from your conditioned lifestyle , so you can feel the higher frequencies and energies in your daily experiences.

I would like my photography to help  you in forming an effective aid to meditation for a split second or longer.  Whether the image is framed on your wall, your computer screen saver, stuck to your fridge, in an area of chaos or your quiet place, take  a moment to quiet your mind and allow yourself to slow down,   

For me I wonder what will I see when I next look through my camera.